Accueil et Objectif

La Cité-Siège de l’Humanisme


The 21st Century Challenge Project (Africa’s Renaissance Generating the Renaissance of Humanity), based in Africa, the cradle of humanity, experiencing more infant mortality, refugees, victims of war and hunger, endemic diseases, sociocultural, ethnic and religious upheavals, conflicts of all kinds between brothers and sisters of the same country … injustice and especially the victims of poverty, political conflicts within countries are settled rather by violence than by law, justice and tolerance; this Project represents a bulwark against the destruction of humanist cultural values throughout the world, creating an understanding among all peoples, cultures and languages of the world, removing social inequality, and promoting the Renaissance of Man, through the synergistic actions of opinion leaders, and the blessing of the Wise, Kings, Queens, Customary Leaders, Political and Religious Leaders, to inspire the conscience of all citizens of the Earth towards complementarity and reciprocity.


The Universal Laboratory of the 21st Century Challenge Project is the City Headquarters of Humanity dedicated to African ancestors deported and enslaved.

The mission of the City is to (1) eradicate memories of all forms of slavery known to our humanity.

(2) promote cultural diversity and the unity of all the peoples of the world to cultivate world brotherhood.

(3) to promote interreligious dialogue.

(4) to implement all the inventions of the international community relating to the improvement of the living conditions of the citizens of the Earth.

(5) to create a terrestrial paradise never imagined. The City Headquarters of Humanity is under construction on an estate straddling Benin and Nigeria. The foundation stone of the City Headquarters of Humanity was laid on 19 August 1999 under the patronage of the UN Secretary-General, with the sponsorship of the Government of the Republic of Benin, the Emir of Qatar, the President of the Republic of Angola and the International Agency of La Francophonie.

The Boulevard of the African Renaissance

Ten (10) African Renaissance boulevards will start from the City Headquarters of Humanity leading to the edge of the land; and an ultra modern infrastructure will be developed on each side for at least 500 metres. In addition, whenever a boulevard crosses a new country, a Centre of Excellence for Humanity (CEH) is developed, containing a dry port, an airport, a reference hospital, etc. All this is to create jobs for our youth who must stop migrating across oceans where they kill themselves to reach the gates of the West.

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